New Diplomacy and the most

New diplomacy has been introduced in a practice of diplomacy in an attempt to ease the tensions in the wake of the cold war. The politicians finally started to emphasis on the importance of pluralism in foreign policy due to the fact that international relations were more complex.   What used to be traditional, exclusive and secret  has opened up to various kinds of diplomatic practices over the years. In New diplomacy, citizens play greater roles with the less strict policy making by government. The diplomacy has entered into the information age in which people no longer need the government to  get information regardless of where they reside. And people have given the opportunities to engage in the global affairs in many ways and their voices have been valued. It is a part of diplomat’s responsibility nowadays to lead public opinions.  What must be recognised as new in negotiations and conferences today is the practice of multilateral element.The thing I consider to be the most significant change in New diplomacy is the increasing importance of engagement of non state actors,  in pursuit of archiving of the improvement in many complicated issues such as human rights, labour rights, environmental issues and fair trade, which used to be difficult to address. In addition, nations engaging in multilateral relationships, all of this has given a lot more dynamics in global affairs. As the advancement of  technology  moves forward, it has given the opportunities for the new mass media of communications hence,  the new norm of the intricate relationships has been embraced. Consequently, the world has become much smaller than it was in the time of the Cold war.  Diplomacy has become inclusive and more open to public. Rarely, it is no longer undertaken secretly.


One thought on “New Diplomacy and the most

  1. klara.orackova March 17, 2017 / 6:03 pm

    I strongly agree with points you have raised in this blog entry. The engagement of variety of actors made the significant change in diplomacy and for me that is the new diplomacy – more opened to everyone. The involvement of NGOs helped in many cases to make progress in human rights issues and environmental issues. NGOs also help with information gathering and in analysing the conflict.
    I like that your blog entry is very straight forward, short but still very informative.


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